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Static Website- Built for business success

Static design development is the first impression that matters to wow your audience. It is a process of creating web pages that showcase the same content to every visitor with hassle-free user interaction. A well-optimized and responsive website is imperative to improve business visibility, attract more consumers, easy to rank, and low cost. Developing a static website for a brand is a cost-effective process to reach a wider audience without any complex marketing strategy.

At Sikaria Tech Consultant Pvt. Ltd.We provide impeccable static website designing and development services to every business and new startup. We do not only provide responsive sites but are also passionate about offering entire digital marketing solutions to businesses wishing to maintain their online presence. Our exceptional website designing services exceed your expectations and cater to the unique needs of the brand. Our priority is to serve stunning and affordable website development facilities to improve brand awareness and capture a wider audience across the globe.

consists of certified experts, and skillful developers who have given SikariaTech  the honor of being recognized as the top-notch and most trusted web designing service provider in Delhi NCR, India. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to revamp your online business, drive sales and help your business achieve new heights.

Our static website development services offer the most reliable way to foster your website interaction with the intended audience.

The static website is the simplest site suitable for small projects. It can make a significant impact on your potential audience and lead to broader brand awareness. Static website development from Sikaria Tech Consultant is cost-effective, remarkable, and innovative.

We collaborate with various projects, and companies to understand their business goals and deliver exceptional static website development to advertise their product and business offerings.

Our team provides absolute support including designing, planning, and programming support for personal and corporate sites. We provide top-notch services that showcase your business specifications, state your brand identity and encourage revenue and sales.

It is a low-cost investment that provides an essential online presence to startups, organizations, and individuals. It is environment-friendly and consumes less energy than dynamic ones.

Features of static website development

How do our developers create well-functioning static web pages?


Our developers first determine the objective and goals of the site and create a sitemap accordingly. They further define the structure, and layout of the site like content and number of pages.

Design & coding

Creating a unique visual layout includes color schemes, typography, aesthetics, branding, and style. This process also includes HTML markup and CSS style sheets to give an amazing look and feel to viewers.


Our team prepares unique and engaging content to keep your viewers hooked to the site. This process encompasses text, images, videos, and other multimedia.


Aftering structuring and layout the webpages, thorough testing is performed to ensure that it works optimally on all devices and browsers. This also helps in addressing and fixing bugs or any issues.

Hosting and deployment

Our team looks for a web hosting provider and uploads static pages to make it live to their servers.

Our experts and talented designers provide efficient support to our clients, we keep you involved in the entire development process. After launching the site, we remain acquainted with you to address issues and keep your website up-to-date with the trends.

Why join us?

The proficient experts at Sikaria Tech Consultant Pvt. Ltd. understand your business requirements, vision, and competitors. We provide noteworthy and exceptional static website development options that foster your brand image and captivate the relevant audience.

We provide tailor-made designs by using our expert skills and keeping your needs and preferences in mind. We are aimed to provide a modern, responsive, SEO-friendly, and well-functioning website to make your brand more noticeable to your intended consumers.

Our team is dedicated to crafting the perfect website that meets the growing needs of the business. They have a knack for knowledge and know how to deliver website designing services that meet your desired marketing goals. You can acquire budget-friendly services from us. We design static webpages, dynamic, e-commerce, etc., at competitive prices. You can acquire budget-friendly services from us. We design static webpages, dynamic, e-commerce, etc., at competitive prices.

What our offerings include

We provide professionally develop sites, whether you need a landing page for your business, personal portfolio, or corporate site, we have the expertise to transform your business vision into reality, drive optimal results, and elevate the digital presence of your brand.


Custom Static Web Design

Custom Static Web Design


Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development


HTML/CSS development

HTML/CSS development


JavaScript and Interactive elements

JavaScript and Interactive elements


Website Maintenance and Support

Website Maintenance and Support

Why static website is ideal for small or new businesses?

A simple static website offers better security and protection other than dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are more prone to hacking, and virus attacks. Static webpages have better web-hosting facilities and require less space in making the hosting. These are quick to load and perform well without any database system. These are the popular choices for many organizations as they are simple to set up, fast, and excellent for portfolios.

These are suitable for simple ideas that do not require complex functionalities and frequent updates. We are a renowned static website designing company in Delhi, India. We deliver splendid sites that align with your brand image and provide a flawless consumer experience.

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